8 Seater Round Patio Furniture Set Cover (Premium) in Green by Gardman

  • Brand: Gardman
  • Product Code: GF1345
  • Dimensions: 250.00cm x 80.00cm x 250cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £30.99

A premium, woven polyester cover for the patio set designed to cover a large circular table and up to eight chairs and give ultimate protection against rain, sun, birds, pollution and debris. It is high quality for good looks, performance and durability. 100% waterproof with integral ventilation flaps, vital for wooden furniture. Measures 80cm x 250cm

* Heavy duty double stiched poly-thread seams
* All horizontal seams taped on the back to ensure 100% waterproofing
* Ultra-Violet stabilised to resist the harmful effects of sunlight
* Integral ventilation flaps provided especially for wooden furniture
* Solid brass eyelets, quality tie-cords and zips provided
* Useful durable zip-up storage bag with ever cover
* Washable

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