Expanding Willow Fan Trellis (180cm x 90cm)

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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3cm x 90cm x 180cm
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For training and supporting climbing plants, this fan shaped natural willow trellis will expand and contract to fit into place and to support the plants as they grow. The natural willow trellis creates an attractive plant support or an easy way to decorate a plain wall.

The feature of this product is the expansion mechanism in the trellis. The wooden willow sticks are entwined and secured together by small rivets, these each are able to rotate on an axis allowing the sticks to move. Whilst the design seems intricate the set up method is quite the opposite. Pull on either side to stretch and expand the panel or push to thin and compact, that easy. It can be shaped and designed as you please to suit plants, sized area or general preference the trellis.

The fan design of this product makes an interesting design instead of the usual square panel trellis. They can be shaped to your will and have varying ways to set these up in attractive and or supportive ways to cater to your plants. If theres some plain space or wall that needs sprucing up, why not decorate the area and make it a functional space in the garden.

The dimensions for this product are as follows:

These values are approximate due to natural willow sticks and the expansion of the product.

- 190 centimeters approx height
- 30 centimeters approx base width
- 5 centimeters approx top height

-180 centimeters approx height
- 90 centimeters approx base width
- 10 centimeters approx top height

Each willow stick measures 1.5 centimeters in diameter approx

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Expanding Willow Fan Trellis (180cm x 90cm)

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