Wildlife Habitats

Habitats for frogs, toads, hedgehogs, bees and beneficial garden insects such as butterflies and ladybirds, as well as bat boxes. Bees are essential pollinators for a wide range of plants and trees, so support their survival with a specially designed habitat in your garden.

Wooden Solitary Bee Hive Hotel Habitat
Wooden Insect, Butterfly, Bug & Bee House
Wooden Hanging Butterfly House
Set of 2 Wooden Hanging Butterfly Houses
Wooden Hanging Butterfly & Ladybird House Set
Wooden Hanging Insect, Bug and Bee Hotel
Wooden Hanging Ladybird House
Wooden Hanging Ladybird House (Set of 2)
Wooden Wildlife Squirrel Feeder
Set of 2 Wooden Wildlife Squirrel Feeders
Set of 3 Wooden Wildlife Squirrel Feeders
Squirrel Nest Box With Metal Roof
Wooden Bat Box with Landing Perch
Set of 2 Wooden Bat Boxes with Landing Perch
Set of 3 Wooden Bat Boxes with Landing Perch
Large Wooden Bat Nesting Roosting Box
Hanging Teardrop Butterfly Habitat
Hanging Teardrop Insect Hotel
Hanging Teardrop Insect Hotel (Set of 2)
Ceramic Frog & Toad House

Ceramic Frog & Toad House



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