Clear Polythene Grow Tunnel Cloche (Pack of 2) by Gardman

  • Brand: Gardman
  • Product Code: GFC441
  • Dimensions: 300.00cm x 45.00cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £21.99

Set of 2 Gardman Clear Polythene Grow Tunnel Cloches

Warm up the soil and bring the crops on early with this large 3m long grow tunnel. The clear polythene cover will not only provide a micro-climate for the plants, it will offer protection from the elements and extend the growing season.

With a tough wire frame, the crops can be accessed easily through lift-up sides or the toggled end closures.

* Elasticated end closures with ground peg for security
* Folds away for easy storage.
* Easy access through Lift up sides
* Tough Wire Frame

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