Complete 4 Bird Feeder Station With Feeders by Gardman

  • Brand: Gardman
  • Product Code: GF7647
  • Dimensions: 0.00cm x 226.00cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £23.99

This deluxe feeding station includes everything you need to encourage many varieties of garden birds into your garden or onto your terrace. Position it in full view where you can enjoy observing the visitors feeding and bathing, keeping them healthily fed and watered throughout the year.

The extra heavy-duty feeder pole measures 25.5mm in diameter and it is topped with a decorative, graceful four way hanger for you to hang your favourite nut and seed mixes. A fleur-de-lys finial gives it a final elegant touch. There is a birdbath with two bathing levels suitable for large and small birds and a feeder tray to take nutritious mealworms or kitchen scraps which has a mesh base so that rainwater will pass through and prevent any feed from deteriorating.

The kit is easily assembled at home and has an overall height of 2.26m. It is spiked for secure fixing into the ground. This delux bird feeding kit will help you feed the birds through the winter, when supplies of food and fresh water become scarce. The kit includes:

* Decorative four-way hanger with fleur-de-lys finial
* Birdbath with two bathing levels for large and small birds
* Feeder Mesh tray
* Feeder Pole, 2.26m high
* Premium Peanut Feeder
* Two Premium Seed Feeders
* Suet Feast Feeder

The kit is easily assembled at home

Standing 2.3m high, the end of the stand has a point so it can be pushed into the ground at the chosen location. 

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