Double Handed Compost Aerator Turner by Darlac

  • Brand: Darlac
  • Product Code: GF6529
  • Dimensions: 39.00cm x 78.00cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £13.99

A recently redesigned Aerator that helps to encourage good air circulation and create superior compost fertiliser.

The 'T' shaped handle is wide enough to balance arm and body pressure when using it and therefore lessen the risk of strain and wrist damage that can be caused by using the 'L' shaped models.

A strong, power coated steel construction, this handy tool makes the task of turning the compost that little bit easier. Simply push the Aerator directing into the compost and retract - the folded 'winged' arms with teeth will open out and create pockets inside the compost for super effective aeration.

It is essential to aerate your compost heap to speed up the process and improve the quality of your garden waste decomposition. This Compost Aerator takes the hard work out of creating an air flow and is much easier then forking over. Using this Composter Aerator on a regular basis will help micro organisms get to work and ensure that your compost matter is efficiently broken down.

* Made from strong metal for durability
* Comfortable T shaped handles
* Folding arms
* Easy to use

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