Garden Planters

A huge range of indoor and outdoor planters, pots and hanging baskets in traditional, vintage and contemporary styles. Included here are the best selling Growpots, Growbag Pots, Wooden Raised Beds and Containers for Vegetable Planters. We also have a great range of Novelty Planters with some Mothers Day Favourites such as the Willow Tea Cup Holder.

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Set of 5 Round Succulent Pots
White Succulent Trough Plant Pot
Tomato & Vegetable Growbag Pots (Set of 3)
Tomato & Vegetable Growbag Pots (Set of 6)
Growbag Pot Bamboo Clip (Set of 3)
Set of 2 Easy Fill Hanging Baskets (36cm)
Set of 3 Easy Fill Hanging Baskets (36cm)
Set of 4 Easy Fill Hanging Baskets (36cm)
Set of 5 Easy Fill Hanging Baskets (36cm)
Zinc Garden Vase Planter by Fallen Fruits
Aged Zinc Tall Planter by Rustic Garden
Metal Forge Garden Planter by Smart Garden
Harville Bath Planter by Rustic Garden
Recycled Tyre Plant Pot by Burgon & Ball
Round Plastic 20cm Plant Pot by Kingisher
Round Plastic 23cm Plant Pot by Kingfisher
Three Round Bulb Baskets (26cm) by Garland
Coco Hanging Basket Liner Bulk Roll (10m)
Wooden Stepped Plant Stand by Fallen Fruits
Salad and Herb Patio Planter by Gardman
Potato Planters (Pack of 2) by Kingfisher
Potato Grow Bag Planter by Fallen Fruits
Vegetable Planters (Pack of 3) by Gardman
Wooden Raised Garden Bed by Grange
Plastic Raised Garden Bed by Garland
Vertical Garden Wall Planter Kit
Wooden Garden Trough Planter by Gardman
Plastic Cauldron Shaped Planter by Garland