Arches & Obelisks

High quality Garden Arches and Obelisks made from wood, metal and willow in a variety of styles to provide stylish plant support for roses and other climbing plants in the garden.  We offer extra discount multi-packs on the most popular designs 

Metal Extra Wide Garden Arch by Gardman
Metal Kensington Garden Arch
Metal Knightsbridge Garden Arch
Versailles Bronze Metal Garden Arch by Gardman
Wooden Garden Arch with Curved Top (Tan)
Wooden Garden Arch (Tan) with Ground Spikes
Left Hand Curved Wooden Garden Arch Top Piece
Wooden Garden Obelisk (1.5m)
Set of 2 Wooden Garden Obelisks (1.5m)
Willow Twist Garden Obelisk (1.5m) by Gardman
Rustic Willow Garden Obelisk (1.5m)
New In
Set of 5 Rustic Willow Garden Obelisks (1.5m)
Willow Spiral Garden Obelisk (1.5m)
Set of 5 Willow Spiral Garden Obelisks (1.5m)
Pair of Parisian Steel Garden Obelisks (2.1m)
Set of 2 Metal Garden Obelisks
Set of 4 Metal Garden Obelisks