Greenhouses & Polytunnels

A wide range of growing solutions for the hobby gardener, polytunnels, walk in mini greenhouses, grow houses and cold frames. We also have a range of replacement covers for Gardman and Kingfisher Greenhouses, as well as essential greenhouse accessories including staging, shelving, shading and insulation

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4 Tier Greenhouse Staging

4 Tier Greenhouse Staging



Greenhouse Staging (Pack of 2) by Gardman
Greenhouse Staging (Pack of 2)
Greenhouse Staging (Pack of 4)
Solar Powered Greenhouse Ventilator
Water Butt Linking Kit by Garland
Greenhouse Bin Storage Seat by Garland
Weatherproofing Tape (20m) by Gardman
Seedling Cloche Clear PVC Cover by Gardman
4 Tier Growhouse Cover Clear
4 Tier Reinforced Growhouse Cover
Tomato Gro Zone by Smart Garden
Tomato Gro Zone Max by Smart Garden
Four Tier Mini Greenhouse

Four Tier Mini Greenhouse



Set of 2 x Four Tier Mini Greenhouses
Walk In Greenhouse with Reinforced Cover
Polycarbonate & Wooden Growhouse by Gardman