Lightweight Telescopic Fruit Picker Pole (0.9m - 2.3m)

  • Brand: Selections
  • Product Code: GFJ781
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3cm x 3cm x 230cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £12.99

Our deluxe fruit picker pole extends from 0.94 meters to 2.30 meters. This is ideal for reaching to the tops of apple, plum & pear trees, with a twist and lock mechanism that holds the pole at the required length. Lightweight and strong, the pole is designed to support a fruit picking basket with large picking 'teeth' that surround the stalk of the fruit.

The sturdy lightweight pole and basket collectively weighs just 750g, perfect for long days picking from an orchard. This pole also features a gripped handle for better stability when reaching higher places. The end of the pole hosts a screw top for attaching an apple picking basket, please note no basket is included.

The pole extends and locks at any height required up to a full extended length of 2.3 meters. This makes it much, much easier to reach the tall produce out of arms reach. To collapse the product back down, once just twist the pole in the opposite direction and it will slide back. This pole extends in three sections, each using a twist lock mechanism.

The dimensions for this product are as follows:

- 0.9 meters collapsed length
- 2.3 meters extended full length
- Weight 0.750 kilograms
- Extends in 3 sections using twist and lock mechanisms

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