Pond Maintenance & Care

Garden pond maintenance essentials and features include our best selling Pond Guard to keep herons from catching goldfish, the Pond Vac to keep your pond clean, Pond Gloves for general use as well as a dirty water pump and decorative cute duckings and floating water lilies

Protective Pond Netting with 6 Pegs (3m x 2m)
Protective Pond Netting with 8 Pegs (4m x 3m)
Protective Pond Netting with 12 Pegs (6m x 5m)
Protective Pond Netting with 16 Pegs (9m x 6m)
Telescopic Extendible Pond Net (190cm)
Plastic Floating Ducklings (Set of 3) in Yellow
Plastic Flamingo Garden Ornament
40 Watt Mains Powered Water & Pond Pump
Solar Powered Floating Pond Oxygenator
5 Watt Solar Water Pump Fountain Kit

5 Watt Solar Water Pump Fountain Kit


£17.99 £24.99

10 Watt Solar Water Pump Fountain Kit