Selections 300 watt Pond Heater (Mains Powered)

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Keeping ponds heated during the winter stops them from freezing which helps keep them oxygenated, vital if you you have valuable cherished fish to look after. 

Keeping the ponds warm also helps to release any toxic gases that may have built up from the breakdown of vegetation and waste matter during the summer.

This pond heater is a powerful 300 watts (240 volts) and comes with 5m of reinforced outdoor cable.

* The unit measures 27cm long by 12mm wide
* 5m of cable with 3 pin plug
* 300 watt element with brass casing 
* Please read instructions carefully before use

Place the heating element in the pond to be heated before turning the unit on. The power source must be inside and ensure that a RCD (Residual Current Device) Circuit Breaker is used. Only turn on when the element is submerged and the RCD is in place

Only use when the element is submerged in the water
HOT - Do not touch the element with your bare hands 
Maximum usable depth 1m
The power source must be inside and an RCD used
Ensure the unit kept well away from children and pets

If the unit is used when not submerged in water the heating element will overheat and can be damaged. If this happens unplug the unit immediately and leave to cool down – do not touch with your bare hands. Should this happen, seek medical assistance immediately

The temperature of the pond will increase dependant on the volume of water it contains. Please monitor the temperature. As a guide, this heater will increase 250 litres of water by 1 degree per hour. A pond measuring 1m x 1m x 1m contains 1000 litres of water

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