Watering & Irrigation

Help your garden flowers, plants and vegetables to thrive throughout the growing season with regular watering and irrigation. Our range of essential irrigation products includes hose pipes, watering spikes and irrigation kits.

Black Metal & Copper Watering Can (3.5 Litre)
Cream & Copper Metal Watering Can (3.5 Litre)
Long Spout Watering Can In Racing Green
Copper Plant Watering Mister
New In
Glass Plant Watering Mister
New In
Globe Glass Plant Mister

Globe Glass Plant Mister



Lightweight Expanding Hose (50ft)
2 Way Garden Tap Hose Splitter Manifold
Capillary Matting Roll (5m x 0.53m)
5 Litre Garden Shoulder Pressure Sprayer