Watering & Irrigation

Help your garden flowers, plants and vegetables to thrive throughout the growing season with regular watering and irrigation. Our range of essential irrigation products includes hose pipes, watering spikes and irrigation kits, spray guns, water butts and watering cans. Offered here are the Kingfisher 5 Litre Sprayer and the Bottle Top Irrigation Spikes - both bestsellers

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Plastic Garden Hose Hanger by Kingfisher
Lightweight Expanding Hose (50ft)
Lightweight Expanding Hose (100ft)
Water Spinner Sprinkler Head by Darlac
Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler by Darlac
Sprinkler Telescopic Riser by Darlac
2 Way Garden Tap Hose Splitter Manifold
Hose to Garden Tap Connector by Kingfisher
Capillary Matting Roll (5m x 0.53m)
Rain Gauge with Holder by Garland
Hand Pressure Sprayer (2 Litre) by Gardman
Backpack Pressure Sprayer (20 Litre)
Shoulder Pressure Sprayer (5 Litre)
Kingfisher 8 Litre Power Sprayer