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With environmental issues high on today’s agenda, gardening has never been more topical. Creating and managing a garden, be it an allotment plot or a 4 acre manicured formal garden, has many benefits. From creating a habitat for local wildlife, producing delicious home grown vegetables and beautiful flowers for the home, gardening is also a fantastic way to take some exercise.

With supermarkets sourcing their vegetables and flowers from all corners of the world contributing to environmental pollution, the concept of grow your own is attractive to many people. We have sourced and developed a range of products designed to make this possible for everyone - the growing novice with just a balcony can find a set of 3 potato planters to grow some home grown spuds, while the experienced gardener can use our grow bag pots to help in producing a bumper crop.

One area of gardening that often attracts attention in the media is hosepipe bans and the use of hosepipes for irrigating the lawn and flowerbeds. We have an innovative range of irrigation systems to cleverly recycle water and ensure your plants receive the water they need. We also have a comprehensive range of waterbutts to store rainwater, helping gardeners to irrigate their gardens cost effectively and responsibly, without the plants suffering due to water shortage.

Recycling waste, from the garden and the kitchen, can help reduce land fill and can be used to make nutritious compost for the garden. Our range of composters caters for every size of garden and includes accessories to speed up the gardening process such as the compost aerator and compost accelerator.

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