Hedgehog Nibbles Gift Set - 200g

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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 12cm x 16cm x 25cm
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This gift set is a great way to help care for your wild garden friends.

The set includes a food bowl and 200 grams of delicious Hoggy Crunch Hedgehog Food, which is presented in a natural Jute Bag. This features an inner bag liner and food in a wrapper made from biodegradable cellulose which is suitable for composting and home food waste collection bins.

The food bowl features a drainage bowl in the base and is easy to clean. Made from frost resistant ceramic with a green/brown glazed finish, it is suitable for use all year round.

Hedgehogs are carnivorous and will eat pretty much anything that they happen to come across, including scraps of food or pet food. To ensure they eat food that is good for them, simply put one of these attractive, frost resistant ceramic bowls in their path for a tasty treat.

A PREMIUM complementary feeding mix with added vitamins and brewers yeast, this food has a high meat content and is suitable for all adult wild hedgehogs. This dry kibble style food should be served in small portions in a heavy, low-sided dish and any uneaten food should be removed daily. Ideally, fresh water should also be provided in a shallow dish when feeding.

To ensure that hedgehogs are not placed at risk from dogs and badgers, place food in a hedgehog feeding station or hedgehog house with predator resistant door for safe feeding.

Feeding is a great way to help hedgehogs survive throughout the year and allows you to monitor activity on a daily basis. This enables early intervention if problems arise and any early identification of obvious injuries or wounds can be treated by your local hedgehog rescue.

* Small kibble size is perfect for adult hedgehogs
* High meat content versus cereal content
* Contains Brewers Yeast with antioxidant properties
* Dry kibble is non-smelly
* Made in the UK

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