Hoggy Crunch Hedgehog Food 200g

  • Brand: Wildlife World
  • Product Code: GFJ890
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7cm x 13cm x 15cm
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  • £3.99

Our delicious 200 grams of Hoggy Crunch Hedgehog Food is presented in a cute Green Jute Bag.  This features an inner bag liner and food in a wrapper made from biodegradable cellulose which is suitable for composting and home food waste collection bins.

A PREMIUM complementary feeding mix with added vitamins and brewers yeast, this food has a high meat content and is suitable for all adult wild hedgehogs.  This dry kibble style food should be served in small portions in a heavy, low-sided dish and any uneaten food should be removed daily. Ideally, fresh water should also be provided in a shallow dish when feeding.

To ensure that hedgehogs are not placed at risk from dogs and badgers, place food in a hedgehog feeding station or hedgehog house with predator resistant door for safe feeding.

Feeding is a great way to help hedgehogs survive throughout the year and allows you to monitor activity on a daily basis.  This enables early intervention if problems arise and any early identification of obvious injuries or wounds can be treated by your local hedgehog rescue.

* Small kibble size is perfect for adult hedgehogs
* High meat content versus cereal content
* Contains Brewers Yeast with antioxidant properties
* Dry kibble is non-smelly
* Made in the UK
* Brand: Wildlife World


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