Selections 25 Watt Mains Powered Multi Function Water Pond Aquarium Pump

  • Product Code: GFJ135
  • Dimensions: 9.00cm x 14.00cm
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  • £8.99

This quality water pump is perfect if you're looking to create a simple fountain in your pond or create a water feature using your own container. 

Powered by a 25 watt motor that has an output of 1500 litres per hour, the pump is a little powerhouse producing a jet of water upto 1.8m high - almost unbelievable from such a little machine

The unit comes with comes with 3 interchangeable heads; one that turns the water output 90 degrees, and 2 that create different spray heights, one 90cm and the other upto 1.8m (this height can vary dependant on the set up of the pump and depth it is in water)

The attachment that fits on a hose can take pipe fittings from between three eights of an inch to three quarters of an inch diameter, so it can be used to create a river effect in a water feature

Coming with a 1.5 meter cable, the unit is connected to the power via a 3 pin plug - it can just be plugged in (please ensure it is submerged in water before plugging in as it must not be run dry).

* Powerful 25 watt motor with 1500 litres per hour capacity
* 1.5 meter cable and 3 pin plug
* 2 interchangeable fountain heads
* Provides oxygenation and circulation
* Fountain sprays upto 1.8m high

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