Ultrasonic Sonic Electro-magnetic Ionic Plug in Mouse & Pest Repeller

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After testing many different kinds of rodent repellers, this is the one that we recommend as the most reliable and effective at driving out rodents from your entire house.

Unlike many other repellers on the market the Selections Whole House Multi-function Mouse & Pest repeller combines BOTH ultrasonic and triple electro-magnetic technology for maximum effectiveness.

Using Ultrasound is a Humane method of driving Rodents out of your property without having to resort to traditional traps or poison.

Ultrasound is noise at a high frequency that's too high for humans and pets to hear, but is audible to most rodents and believed to sound like a constant siren.

The Electro-magnetic fields create an environment where rodents are less likely to nest. Rodents are likely to move quickly away from a house where they cannot nest.

Please note that this product should not be used if you keep PET Spiders, Reptiles and rodents in your house.

* Combines two technologies: Electro-Magnetic and Ultrasonic
* Can be plugged into any room and covers up to 6000 square feet 
* Very efficient - uses very little power to run 
* Will not effect any other electrical equipment around the home 
* Also effective against crawling insects

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