Interlocking Connectable Floating Heron Pond Protection Guards (set of 40)

  • Brand: Selections
  • Product Code: GFJ070
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27cm x 1cm x 27cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £10.99

These pond protection grids can be connected together to fit any shape of pond. They form a barrier past which herons cannot lift any fish; but the fish can still feed, and been seen from the surface.

Measuring 27cm x 27cm, the pack contains 40 grids that are connected by simple clips. The grids also have the advantage of being cut-able, so the barrier can be tailored to fit any size pond.

The pack of 40 will cover a pond of about 3.2 square meters, however, as you only need to put these 2 deep around the edge of a pond (the herons fish from the edge) one pack of 40 will cover a perimeter of about 8m

* Set of 40 pond protection guards
* Floating and connectable
* Can be cut to size

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