Multi-function Electro Magnetic & Ultrasonic Plug in Pest Repeller

  • Brand: Selections
  • Product Code: GFG090
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 70cm x 7cm x 11cm
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This handy device emits high pressure Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic waves to scare rodents away from food sources, nesting areas and away in general. The sound waves are out of the hearing range of human beings and most household pets like, dogs, cats, fish, birds and farm animals.

Simple to use, it simply plugs in a switches on, with an activation light to signal when it is in operation. Not audible to humans or house hold pets, this repeller will help humanely clear nuisance pests without the use of harmful chemicals.

The device can be positioned anywhere by a UK plug socket, please note that sound waves are reflected off of hard surfaces and absorbed by soft surfaces such as carpets and fabric. For full effectiveness please do not place this product on carpets or behind furniture.

Simply plug the device into the desired location and flick the switches to activate the device. If you wish to use the night light feature then simply turn it on by the switch located on the left hand side. This is purely a night light feature and will not affect the usage or functionality of the product.

The ultrasonic function can be turned on by the switch on the right hand side. Both functions will indicate usage by the LED indication lights flashing or by being on.

The electromagnetic function will emit the waves every 180 seconds and then interval another 180 seconds before re emitting the waves.

The ultra sonic wave function has 2 settings, fixed ultrasonic or variable ultrasonic. Fixed ultrasonic will emit a frequency of 55KHZ where as the variable mode will range between 20KHZ - 40KHZ.

Please note this product should not be used if there are any household pet mice, spiders, reptiles or insects

* Multi-function
* Plug in and easy to use
* Night light feature

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