Multi-function Spider & Pest Repellers (Pack of 2)

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Set of 2 Repellers

Spiders are one of the most feared insects in the UK. This simple plug in device uses both Ultrasound and Electromagnetic technologies to drive unwanted pests out of your home. Being a compact device, the Selections Sider Repeller won’t take up much space in the home.

The frequencies used are not detectable by pets or humans so can work 24 hrs a day at driving away spiders. The plug in device also has an attractive LED glow that makes it ideal for positioning in basements and loft spaces to provide a small amount of warm light.

Once the light sensor detects low light levels the lights on this product will automatically switch on, this can make it double as a night light.This device plugs directly into a UK plug socket and will start functioning upon switching on the main power supply, this will be indicated by the small red light.

Once activated you may start to see more spider and insect activity, this will be because the device is highly disturbing them and should start driving them out and away. It may take a few days before this device takes full effect at repelling the insects from your home.

Please note that this device should not be used if you keep pet Spiders, Reptiles and Rodents in your house.

* Dual technologies use both Ultrasound & Electromagnetics to repel
* 1 Unit covers up to 600 square feet
* UK average house is approx 2000 square feet
* Proven results at keeping crawling insects out of your home
* Low energy use & costs very little to run
* Designed not to interfere with other household electric appliances

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