Plant Irrigation Spikes Reservoir Fed (Pack of 20)

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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6cm x 6cm x 28cm
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Pack of 20 Plant Irrigation Spikes

Watering plants when it's hot is a necessary chore - and if you forget, the results can be very disappointing! These irrigation spikes can help, keeping plants well watered with a steady flow of water, dispersed through dripping at an adjustable rate through a reservoir.

Measuring 28cm high, the water is fed into the reservoir from a bottle - pretty much any size will fit on the holder - and from the reservoir the water drips through a nozzle that has a simple to use flow rate adjuster.

The reservoir measures 6cm across by 2cm deep and gravity keeps the water at a constant level (until the water source is empty), while the simple tap allows the water through the nozzle to drip where directed, keeping plants well watered

To use, simply select the size of bottle you require, fill with water and set the flow rate to the required rate. Then place the spike next to the plant that you wish to water; the plant will be watered automatically while you are away.

* Gravity fed reservoir irrigation watering spike
* Extremely easy to use and reliable
* Great Value set of 20
* Dimensions: 6cm D x 6cm W x 28cm H

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