Plastic Square Sided Potting Scoop by Garland

  • Brand: Garland
  • Product Code: GF687
  • Dimensions: 29.00cm x 10.00cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £1.99

If ever a scoop meant business it's this one. It's a seriously sized scoop to scoop up large quantities of compost, grit, sand or fertiliser in the easiest, cleanest one scoop action.

It's moulded in nylon for outstanding strength, the sides are straight and the base is flat making it ideal for the job, from delving into the sack of compost to collecting up the spillage out of the corners of the potting table. With a touch of the scoop's flat base and the filled pot is levelled off.

* Moulded in nylon for outstanding strength
* Flat based scoop
* Ideal for collecting compost, grit & fertiliser etc

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