Plug In Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

  • Brand: Selections
  • Product Code: GFG092
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 8cm x 6cm x 8cm
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This pest repeller emits ultra-sonic sound waves that attack the auditory and nervous system of house hold pests - causing them to avoid the area the repeller is situated in. This device is designed to offer effective pest repelling at a low energy consumption. It also does not use any chemicals or toxins to repel the pests meaning it is safe for general home usage.

Easy to use, the device simply plugs in and has an effective range of 30 square meters, under ideal conditions it may reach up to 60 square meters. Ultrasound waves are reflected by hard surfaces but absorbed by soft surfaces like carpets and fabric. For full effectiveness please do not place behind furniture or on>
Can be plugged directly into a UK mains supply socket. Once it is plugged in and the mains power switched on, the LED indicator will flash and this device will continue to produce ultrasonic sound waves. The device can be cleaned if need be by using a lightly dampened cloth on dirty or dusty areas. Please note not to immerse this within water or other liquids else it may damage the product and render it unusable.

If you wish to use the night light function simply flick the side switch to the (I) position and it will emit light. This function does not affect the function of the repeller and is purely for the use of the night light. If you wish to disconnect the device or stop the sound waves then please turn off the mains power supply to stop all functions.

* Plug in pest repeller
* Night light feature
* 30 sqm range

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