Protective Pond Netting Cover with 6 Pegs (3m x 2m)

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  • Product Code: GFJ129
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1cm x 200cm x 300cm
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  • £1.99

This 20mm mesh netting is made from UV stabilised polyethylene for toughness and comes in pack that measures 3m by 2m, with 6 fixing pegs included

The netting is made from a clever weave that not only gives it strength, but adds to the surface area exposed to the water. This increases the nettings buoyancy; which helps it to float on the top of the pond (this is affected by leaves and debris which can weigh it down)

Not only is it good for protecting ponds and fish against birds and pests, this general purpose garden netting is ideal for protecting flower, vegetable and fruit crops.

* Measures 3m x 2m wide
* 20mm mesh weave
* UV stabilised polyethylene
* Good pond & plant crop pest protection
* 6 fixing pegs included

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