Set of 2 Easy Fill Hanging Baskets (36cm)

  • Brand: Selections
  • Product Code: GFA771
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 36cm x 36cm x 19cm
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  • £6.99

These hanging baskets feature removable side panels to allow for easy access when planting up. They require no moss or liner and are easy to plant, producing more plant productivity to create a vibrant floral display.

Made from recycled plastics, they come complete with a hanging chain to create a beautiful hanging display in a few easy steps. These baskets allow for creativity in planting as each side panel can be removed and or replaced. You may wish to have hanging vines protruding through the panels or you could even create a flower ball effect.

Each basket comes with a set of 12 easy inserts that can be arranged to suit the plants going into the basket. Each panel pushes into place and clips in to secure it. Thanks to these handy panels the basket does not require a planter liner or any other added planting equipment. Just pack in the soil and or fertiliser then position the flowers and plants as you see fit.

The dimensions for this product are as follows:

Basket dimensions:

* 36 centimeters diameter
* 19 centimeters height
* 45 centimeters chain height

* Set of 2
* Easy to use Hanging Basket
* Creates 'flower ball' effect'
* Removable panels for planting up
* 36cm/15inches in size

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