Standard Seed Propagation Tray in Green by Garland

  • Brand: Garland
  • Product Code: GF2149
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 37cm x 21cm x 6cm
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These standard sized seed trays are not your ordinary dispensable limp seed trays, they are rigid, of the correct proportions, they are made from recycled plastic, they can be used season upon season and they will give all your seedlings the strong steady start they deserve.

The trays' depth is 5.5cm to allow robust root development, containing the seedlings securely, without disturbance, until they are established, strong and ready for repotting. Base drainage holes prevent water-logging and they are ideal for sowing rows of evenly spaced seeds or for scattering the minutest across the surface. For fast germination of seed, the trays form a good sturdy base especially when covered with cling film to make an instant propagator whenever one is needed.

With a capacity to hold 3 litres of compost the trays are quick and easy to rinse for reusing, and they stack up for shelf storage.

* Recycled plastic
* 3 litre capacity
* 5.5cm depth

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