Super 7 Self Watering Seed Propagator (Unheated) by Garland

  • Brand: Garland
  • Product Code: GF7966
  • Dimensions: 17.50cm x 75.50cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £20.99

Self watering propagator that is ideal for a windowsill as a narrow design and allows you to grow a number of varieties of plant. The seven mini propagators sit on the platform that is pre covered in capillary matting and the platform sits inside the outer tray that will hold 3.4 litres of water.

The plants draw on water by the capillary action as required. Green trays and clear lids that are injection moulded. Length is 76cm.

* Sits comfortably on a window sill
* Includes 7 vented mini propagators
* The growing trays are supported above the reservoir
* The plants draw the water naturally
* Propagators measure 17cm x 10cm x 13cm

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