Apples stored properly can be enjoyed well into the spring and this 5 drawer unit can be kept in a cool place such as the garage or shed, keeping the apples aired and fresh in the traditional country manner.

This wooden storage unit is ideal for storing apples, fruit and vegetables. The sliding drawers design allows easier care and access to your harvested apples, while traditional design makes it fit naturally into a rustic kitchen or pantry

The slatted racks ensure plenty of air circulates through all tiers of this store to prevent fruit damage, rotting and prolong the life of your delicious fruit crop. The sliding drawers make accessing your fruit very easy and each drawer can be removed from the unit to be used as a carry tray for your produce.

The rack has drawer runs in-built so once assembled the drawers can simply slide in or be taken out as a tray. This unit features 10 separate drawers and a rack for them all to be slotted into once built. Made from natural pine, this apple store is durable and specifically built to ensure many years of faithful service.

The dimensions for the frame are as follows:

- 83 centimeters height approx
- 59 centimeters width approx
- 60 centimeters depth approx

The dimensions for the drawers are as follows:

- 5 centimeters height approx
- 50 centimeters width approx
- 60 centimeters depth approx


* Comes flat packed & requires home assembly
* Strong construction for a long life
* 5 Drawer Apple Store
* Made from natural pine wood
* Measurements: h: 83cm x w: 59cm

Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Apple Storage:

When your apples are ripe, discard any bruised or damaged ones, dust off those you want to keep and wrap them in newspaper before placing them in your Apple Store. Be careful not to overfill the drawers and risk damaging your harvest.

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Traditional Wooden Apple Storage Rack (5 Drawer)

  • Brand: Selections
  • Product Code: GF5840
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £59.99

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