Traditional Wooden Garden Trug (Large) by Burgon and Ball

  • Brand: Burgon & Ball
  • Product Code: GFC160
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27cm x 57cm x 27cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £27.99

Handmade, from natural products, using traditional methods and designs for colour, shape and texture, the Sussex style garden trug is valued by amateur and professional gardeners alike for its strength, durability and usefulness. And, it is also the perfect size to make it a popular gift item.

Lightweight, with a wooden handle and firm base to keep it upright, it is easy to carry around when harvesting all your home-grown produce, for vegetables, herbs, and for collecting bouquets of flowers, making it a perfect companion for a day in the garden. When gathering apples, pears, plums and soft fruits they will be kept safe from bruising and damage, arriving at the table in tip-top condition.

Perfect for harvesting and carrying fresh fruit and vegetables to the kitchen this trug is made from strips of shaped wood and held in place by solid brass pins and screws.

* Handmade using traditional methods
* Natural materials used

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