Watering Can in Chalk White (1.5 Litre) by Garden Trading

  • Brand: Garden Trading
  • Product Code: GFB547
  • Dimensions: 33.00cm x 21.00cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £14.99

Encourage a healthy flourish of growth with our perfectly shaped Watering Can, adding a sprinkling of style and a splash of practicality to any garden. Upgrade your garden essentials with this traditionally inspired Watering Can, making the most of its sizable 1.5ml capacity, you’ll be able to keep your flowers blossoming and your gardening to a minimum.

With its traditional shaping and simple styling, our carefully crafted Watering Can comes complete with a fine rounded hose, which makes it perfect for watering indoor seedlings and small plants. Or make a splash with its generous detachable brass rose, perfect for outdoor use, keeping your larger plants and flowers perfectly watered.

This 1.5 litre watering can is crafted from powdered coated steel providing maximum protection and endless durability, ensuring it will stand the test of continuous watering. Designed with a convenient and comfortable handle, its fits effortlessly into your hands, ensuring ease when carrying to and from the garden.

Finished in chalk white, it provides the ultimate gardening companion, offering both style and practicality for an effortless transition between the home and garden.

* Pot measures 13.5cm wide
* Crafted in Powder Coated Steel
* Cool Chalk white colour
* 1.5 litre capacity
* Detachable brass rose

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