Wooden Castle Fort Insect Hotel Habitat for Bees & Butterflies

  • Brand: Selections
  • Product Code: GFH763
  • Dimensions: 33.00cm x 27.00cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £7.99

This fun wooden fort Habitat will attract a variety of bugs into the garden by offering them a place to nest. Traditionally insect habitats don't look particularly attractive or fun - this fort changes that and will instantly bring a smile to a child's face, as well as stimulating their interest.

Each part of the fort has parts designed for different bugs. The turrets on the sides have holes drilled into them offering a nesting place for ladybirds, the front panels have crosses in the front and cover a hollow section which is perfect for butterflies. The central 'portcullis' section has wooden blocks which offer a nesting place for a variety of bugs, while the bamboo sections above are ideal for mason bees and lacewings.

Measuring 32cm x 27cm and 8cm deep, the castle comes with 2 hanging hooks and a flat base, and can be either hung from a wall or fence, or placed on the ground on its flat base

* Castle Shaped Insect Habitat
* Solid wooden construction
* Can be hung or sits flat

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